Therapy for Indiana Couples, Adults, and Teens With Anxiety and Relationship Stress

Fix Communication Problems and Have a Healthy Marriage and Closer Relationships with Your Partner, Family and Friends

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Using mindfulness and imagery to reduce the effects of past pain in your everyday life

Sandtray Therapy

Use sand and a variety of miniatures to help you share feelings about tough issues

Couples Counseling

Have a close and healthy relationship with your current or future partner

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You Know You Want To:

  • Be less anxious and more confident in your relationships
  • Understand what you’re actually feeling, and then
  • Easily share what’s on your mind with your family, partner(s), and friends

But instead, you often procrastinate and avoid most hard conversations since you’re:

  • Worried that being honest causes fights and the silent treatment afterwards 
  • Anxious about hurting their feelings and feeling guilty afterwards
  • Confused if you’re being too sensitive and complaining about a mostly good relationship.

Your spouse, friends and family may see you laughing and smiling, believing you’re happy. But really, you’re pretty good at faking a good mood, hiding from them just how overwhelmed and unhappy you are.

Whether it’s been recent that you’ve been stressed out and depressed, or it’s been longer, you’re tired and burnt out.  You’re tired of wasting time and trying to distract yourself with social media or television shows.

You may not even argue very much with your partner, family, or friends, making you feel more confused about why you are feeling alone and restless in your relationship(s). Or it’s worse since you actually do know the real reason you’re frustrated, but also too afraid to admit it to yourself or them.

 What if you’d admit why you’re unhappy, and they’d respond badly? What if you can’t find a solution you’d agree on once you’ve opened up and told them the truth?

The problems aren’t going away, and denying the relationship issues only leads to self sabotage in other parts of your life.

If going another day hiding your true feelings feels impossible, and you’re tired of the issues affecting your happiness, know that I get it, and I can help!

If you’re ready for an opportunity to learn how to fix what isn’t going well, and have a chance of experiencing love and closeness in your most important relationships again, let’s get going!

Cindy McAtee

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, LCAC

121 E Monroe St, Franklin, IN 46131